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We are a group of uniquely talented individuals passionate about memorable story-telling. We work under the belief that anyone can make good cinema, as long as they tell a story well (and not just a good story), and surround themselves with hard-working people who share the same vision. We strive to create beautiful films that… more


21 Aug, 2014
More great news! Aesthetica Short Film Festival (which is BAFTA-qualifying) has selected to screen ‘Do You Know This Girl?’ as part of its Comedy string. Honoured to be screening with such high-calibre films. Stay tuned for more details – the festival runs 6-9 November in York. www.asff.co.uk

02 Aug, 2014
Hoorah! ‘Do You Know This Girl?’ has been chosen as part of Zero Film Festival’s official selection. Join us for the 2-night screening next Tuesday, 12 Aug 7:30pm at the Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch. http://www.zero-london.com/