21 Aug, 2014
More great news! Aesthetica Short Film Festival (which is BAFTA-qualifying) has selected to screen ‘Do You Know This Girl?’ as part of its Comedy string. Honoured to be screening with such high-calibre films. Stay tuned for more details – the festival runs 6-9 November in York.

02 Aug, 2014
Hoorah! ‘Do You Know This Girl?’ has been chosen as part of Zero Film Festival’s official selection. Join us for the 2-night screening next Tuesday, 12 Aug 7:30pm at the Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch.

31 May, 2014
…. and that’s a wrap for ‘The Treehouse’! Want more? We’ll be updating the official website with the trailer, bts photos, stills and any post production news.


26 May, 2014
Checkout the lovely review that Paul gave ‘Do You Know This Girl?’ on film website Strangers in a Cinema:

18 April, 2014
Gearing up for another short film called ‘The Treehouse’. Written and directed by Amy Coop and part of the iShorts scheme supported by Creative England and BFI. Checkout the page here.

26 Mar, 2014
Tonight’s the night of our cast and crew screening for ‘Do You Know This Girl?’, plus drinks with friends and family afterwards. Open bar?? Can’t wait! It’s been a long time coming.

15 Mar, 2014
Very proud to announce the launch of official trailer and website for ‘Do You Know This Girl?’ –

11 Feb, 2014
And that’s a wrap on ‘Soror’! Congrats to all crew and our lovely cast.

06 Feb, 2014

Checkout the Behind-the-scenes video of the ‘Do You Know This Girl?’ shoot – footage and editing courtesy of Fingercuff Production’s Jamie Hooper:

25 Jan, 2014
First day of ‘Soror’ filming in Hounslow. Up and early and ready to go – they weren’t kidding about the noise of these planes. Not sure our sound designer will be too happy about it.

16 Jan, 2014
Putting together the marketing and press pack for ‘Do You Know This Girl?’, and finding some great inspiration in these: Yardbird Press Pack (saw this in Cannes and it was great), Mobius, and The Motivation. Too much for a short film EPK?

09 Jan, 2014
Just picked up the final graded files from MPC for ‘Do You Know This Girl?’…! Now home to backup like crazy.

05 Jan, 2014
Happy New Year!! Starting off 2014 with a bang. Location scouting for a new short film ‘Soror’, directed and written by the fabulous James Webber – who also happened to be the fabulous director of ‘Do You Know This Girl?’. Joker’s Pack and Fingercuff Productions will be producing, along with Sleepless Films and several other wonderful production companies. It’s one big group effort! Checkout the official website: